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Pain Management Clinics - 2019 Licensing Required in Arizona

Pain Management Clinic - 2019 Licensing Required in Arizona

The State of Arizona Department of Health Services implemented a new law, effective January 1, that requires pain-management clinics to be licensed with the State of Arizona.

Pain management clinics which prescribe narcotics to most of their patients are required to apply for a medical facility license, under Title 9 Chapter 10, Article 20.

Licensing a pain-management clinic in Arizona will require an application, including supporting documentation. After approval of the application, an onsite survey will be arranged with a representative from the Department of Health. The goal is to review processes and policies specific to the overall practice operations and quality patient care.

It’s important that pain management clinics understand, and document, processes related to patient protocols, staffing responsibilities and physical plant requirements. The Department of Health is traditionally very supportive with licensing efforts of independent practices. Proper preparation and education will reduce delays of licensing.

The law was effective January 1, 2019. However, there is an unspecified period of understanding while practices start the process of Licensing. Licensing is an intimidating process, but I encourage pain practices to use the new requirements to reduce risk by reviewing, and updating, your policies and processes. Train your team on quality measures, documentation and patient care protocols. Create solid requirements for drug screens, procedure follow-up methodology and patient satisfaction.

It is yet to be understood how licensing will impact credentialing or contracts with insurance carriers. Prioritize your pain licensing if most of your patients are prescribed narcotics. The requirements will likely enhance your practice and patient care.

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