January 1, 2019, marked the first day that Arizona required licensing of qualified pain management medical practices. While components of the SB 1001: 2018 AZ Opioid Epidemic Act were implemented in 2018, the most significant requirement began earlier this year in Title Nine, Chapter Ten, Article 20 of the Arizona Administrative Code. 

Pain management practices, which prescribe narcotics to the majority of their patient base, are required to become a licensed pain management clinic, with the State of Arizona. The process of becoming a licensed pain management clinic is daunting. TTG collaborates with the Arizona Department of Health to successfully license pain practices across the State of Arizona. 


The team at TTG Healthcare Advisors are experts in handling all licensing requirements and compliance for new or existing pain management clinics. TTG specializes in educating pain management clinics about practice standards and risk management programs for the use of controlled substances. TTG handles education on state and federal controlled substance guidelines, requirements, regulations and policies, assists with the following: 

Pain Management Patient Care Requirements related to:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training “CPR” 

  • Quality Management Program 

  • Emergency Treatment Plan

  • Infection Control Program

  • Opioid Prescription Compliance

  • Medication Services Compliance 

  • Medication Records Compliance

TTG Healthcare Advisors has been recognized as one of the "2018 Top 10 Healthcare Consulting Firms". Collaborate with TTG to help with pain management clinic licensing and other requirements for your new pain management clinic. Call (877) 884-3350, schedule your complimentary consultation or complete the form below. 

Arizona Pain Management Clinic Licensing