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Surgery Center Consulting | TTG Healthcare Advisors


We Create and Develop Successful Surgery Centers

Surgery Center Consulting | TTG Healthcare Advisors

Surgery Center Consulting

If you are considering a surgery center investment, or if your surgery center is not performing to the standards you expect, contact us. Our highly specialized team of healthcare advisors has extensive experience. We create the roadmap, ideal surgeon mix and profitable financial model for your surgery center.

Your Strategic Partners

TTG Healthcare Advisors has been building and developing successful Surgery Centers since 2009 and is experienced working in states that require a "Certificate of Need" and other limitations. Our expertise and experience include:


  • Orthopedic Surgery 

  • Pain Management

  • Urology

  • Cardiology

  • Multi-Specialty 


We are also experienced in the development of Recovery Care Centers to complement your surgery center. The role TTG plays is customized to each business and its long-term goals. Our commonly applied services are listed below. 

Surgery Center Consulting | TTG Healthcare Advisors
Surgery Center Consulting | TTG Healthcare Advisors
Surgery Centers Consulting Agency | TTG Healthcare Advisors
Surgery Center Consulting | TTG Healthcare Advisors


Your One-Stop-Shop for ASC Business Intelligence

Wendy Bruno Thomson | TTG Healthcare Advisors


A Foundation of Excellence

Wendy Bruno Thomson, MBA, Licensed Healthcare Auditor™ founded TTG in 2009 with the simple goal of increasing profits for healthcare providers and facilities. After discovering the theft and severe negligence in physician businesses, Wendy organized a team of legal, financial, and healthcare experts to tackle the complicated process for clients. 


As a former executive for major financial institutions, Wendy integrates financial and risk avoidance strategies for her physician practices and facilities. Wendy has a proven history of performing detailed and complicated financial analyses and auditing. She partners with clients to develop their strategic vision, financial goals, and organizational structure while the TTG team tackles process efficiencies. 


Wendy is pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration with a Healthcare Emphasis. She serves on the Board of Directors for ASU’s Health Entrepreneurship Program (HeaLab) and Positive Paths, an organization dedicated to developing leadership among young women.

Surgery Centers Consulting | TTG Healthcare Advisors


Schedule a Free Consultation Online or call 877-884-3350.

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