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BCBS of Arizona Prefix Changes

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona will be updating patient ID prefixes for the new year.

In an effort to keep you up to date with the most current information, and avoid potential billing interruptions, please read about the latest announcement from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

As a best practice (and because many patient insurance plans will change or reset at the beginning of the year) we recommend your team request copy of insurance cards for all plans. However, this is particularly important for BCBS patients, as an incorrect ID will affect your claim and submission process.

Please refer to this webpage for additional prefix changes from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. You can also download this PDF which contains all changes from 2021-2023.

Please direct questions specific to this transition to BCBS Provider Services at 602-864-4231. If you’d like to discuss your team’s preparedness for the start of the new year, deductible collections and insurance card workflows, please contact TTG Healthcare Advisors at 877-884-3350.


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