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TTG Named 2018 Top 10 Healthcare Firm

TTG Healthcare Advisors is proud to be recognized as one of the 2018 Top 10 Healthcare Firms by Enterprise Services Outlook. TTG is a healthcare consulting firm that focuses on physician owned practices and healthcare facilities by providing services in credentialing, negotiating contracts with insurance companies, streamlining operations, practice management, strategic planning, revenue cycle management auditing, financial analysis, and more. TTG offers solutions to navigate the complex challenges facing healthcare today. TTG develops unique strategies that provide physicians the right operational insights they need to stay self-reliant, improve their profits and grow their practice.

President & CEO, Wendy Bruno Thomson, an industry expert has led her healthcare consulting team at TTG to increase their client’s profitability by an average of 30% within the first year of involvement. The team at TTG includes experts in financial analytics, credentialing, operational processes and healthcare strategy. Varied backgrounds include employment from some of the top insurance companies like United Healthcare, Cigna and Medicare. When TTG combines their expertise with the vision of their clients, the clients will be more profitable and productive.

One of the most crucial elements to the healthcare ecosystem is billing/revenue cycle management (RCM). Facilities are fighting to receive payment for services they’ve provided, while also focusing on what percentage of fees they’re paying to their RCM company. When comparing the RCM service fees, they usually are minimal compared to the financial loss of low performance. TTG consultants will evaluate RCM companies and provide a fair and balanced approach.

Reliable medical credentialing is also an important first step to establishing a physician practice or medical facility. TTG has seen numerous practices provide services that have no payment for years by an insurance company, without the physician even knowing it was happening. TTG identifies issues and implements controls for their client’s practice. They also negotiate insurance contracts, audit processes and introduce business controls and reporting that will increase profitability. TTG helps providers and medical facilities identify payment loss and areas of opportunity by bringing a new perspective that provides quality and scalable healthcare consulting services, and practice management.

The team at TTG is proud to be the best in healthcare consulting. Physicians lead really busy lives with crazy schedules and demands: TTG’s mission is to provide the resources and streamline their client’s operations so they leave the mundane work behind and enjoy other passions in their lives. Wendy Bruno Thomson proudly boasts that her client’s quality of life has changed with TTG’s consulting involvement, “Not only because they are more profitable, but, because we share the burden of many strategic, financial and operational challenges.”

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