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Revenue Cycle Management is About More than Money

Transform your revenue cycle management (billing) process into a fine-tuned machine that operates to give your business maximum profitability and ensures a smooth patient process. When incorrect bills are sent, information isn't updated, claims are mis-coded and other bottlenecks happen in the billing process, the patient and the practice can suffer from headaches and loss of revenue.

TTG Healthcare Advisors manages and oversees the health of the revenue cycle management process for multiple medical practices and Ambulatory Surgery Centers throughout the United States. For the past decade, TTG has offered this extraordinary RCM support package to its clients and hasn't had anyone transition away from the service due to the return on investment our service brings.

Revenue Cycle Management (billing) consulting can vary by scope of work, however, the majority of the time we offer the following support tools, systems and resources:

Revenue Cycle Management (Billing) Consulting Services
  • Monitor and analyze RCM trends

  • Manage RCM company or internal team

  • Work with practice to improve patient collections

  • Serve as coding resource for Providers

  • Monthly review of RCM trends and discussion

  • Produce reports for Providers and review with Providers

With ongoing shifts in medical regulations, administrative costs and reimbursement models, it can be costly and difficult to sustain improvements to your revenue cycle management process. At TTG, our experienced healthcare consultants and advisors approach RCM with a patient-centered and revenue-focused approach that supports your long-term goals and improves the overall health of your business.

Key Benefits to Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

  1. Higher Savings

  2. Boost Financial Performance

  3. Gain Operational Efficiency

  4. Improve Your Return on Investment

  5. Sustain Transformation

Begin your RCM transformation.

Speak to an expert at TTG Healthcare Advisors about ways to improve the overall health of your business and boost financial performance while improving your patient's experience.


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