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Facility & Medical Provider Credentialing


TTG implements efficient processes and insurance provider relationships to navigate the complicated process of healthcare facility or physician credentialing. At TTG, our expertise has helped numerous medical practices and facilities, like yours, achieve strong reimbursement rates and contracts from insurers. TTG’s insurance credentialing experience includes establishing contracts for a new medical practice, transitioning employment, and setting up new medical facilities, such as Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s).    

TTG has led the consolidation efforts of many individual physicians by meeting and negotiating with insurance carriers to champion our clients cause and contract rates.  There are many opportunities for the medical credentialing and contracting process to fail. Have confidence that the experienced team at TTG is dependable and tenacious.  

Common Misperceptions of Insurance Credentialing?

These are common misperceptions of medical facility or provider credentialing. Engage TTG’s expertise to navigate through the complicated insurance credentialing process.

  • Credentialing is just the process of filling out a form 

  • After you have  submitted the form, the information will be processed  

  • You’ll be paid from the date of submission of the application  

  • You are stuck with the terms the insurance company proposes

  • Independent Providers don’t have any leverage to negotiate rates

  • Once your contract is signed, the terms of the relationship can’t be changed.  

Credentialing & Enrollment Services Performed?

  • Medicare and Medicaid re-validations

  • Medicare and Medicaid credentialing

  • Commercial insurance enrollment and credentialing (CIGNA, Aetna, Anthem, United Healthcare, Humana and more)

  • Update CAQH  

  • Update One Source 

  • NPI Registration (Type I & Type II)

  • Managing Medicare/CMS/PECOS/NPPES accounts 


  • Reimbursement Issues

  • And more

Why Choose TTG Healthcare Advisors

  • Years of experience in medical facility and provider credentialing

  • Dedicated credentialing team

  • Personalized service

  • Collect payment from insurance companies faster

  • Exclusive reporting software

  • Reduce risk and save time

Contact the TTG experts in insurance credentialing and schedule a complimentary consultation or call us today at (877) 8984-3350

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