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Job Opening at TTG Healthcare Advisors


Careers at TTG Healthcare Advisors and Our Medical Partners

Employment Opportunities

TTG Healthcare Advisors is always looking for top talent to join our team as well as our medical teams at medical practices across Arizona and the US. Please explore our current job openings below.

Once you see something that suits you, email us at

  • Front-End Strategy
    TTG can be engaged to help you build a successful Surgery Center from the start. Front-end strategy and development services may include: - Corporation Formation - Operation Agreements - Business Plans - Financial Projections - Lending Request and Securitization - Equipment Identification and Negotiations - Create or Master Project Timelines - Contracting Strategy - Surgical Mix Strategy TTG's role in consulting for your Surgery Center is proposed based on your business needs. Our medical advisors are available for as-needed guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Implementation
    TTG Healthcare Advisors serve as a project lead for the development of your surgery center. By partnering with contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and vendors, TTG implements an organized project plan for your success. TTG leads your team through State licensing and accreditation by any of the major surgery center organizations.
  • Contracting
    Our healthcare advisors will negotiate payer contracts - not just for the facility you are based out of initially, but for the facility you’ll be located in within five and ten years. We also negotiate strategic relationships with employers and corporations to increase patient volume and success.
  • Management
    TTG will oversee the success of the revenue cycle management (billing) process, financial performance and key performance indicators to ensure you are running to drive value for your team and patients. Our expert advisors recommend strategic solutions for continued growth and reduced risk.


Drop us a note and let us know why you would make a great addition to TTG.

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