You are facing a daunting task.
You braced medical school to change the world. Now the world needs you.
To help your practice or facility manage through COVID-19, TTG has many tools, with a small sampling below.

Social Media
Please keep abreast of new rules and options through our Facebook group.


Task Force Meetings
We are hosting COVID-19 task force conference calls to discuss alternate workflows and build a community for our healthcare teams. We have experts in infection control, new accounting rules, and human resources - providing guidance to any practice in need. Send a request to participate now, at

Advocating for Policy Change
We have also provided letters to clients to send to State Representatives and the State Department of Health, advocating for support in various ways to maintain the financial viability of your practice or facility.

It is critical that patients are comfortable and safe while they continue their medical treatments. Because of this, we are providing any of these tools and ideas to medical practices in need.

Remember to thank your team for coming in every day. They have kids at home, out of school, they are trying to care for while supporting the patients at your practice.
Thank you, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Thank you to the Front Desk Coordinators, Surgery Schedulers, Medical Assistants, Referral Coordinators and all of you who keep the healthcare needs of our patients prioritized.
Disclaimer:  These tools are guides and completely subject to change. They have not been reviewed by an attorney. If you are concerned about any of our tools, feel free to ask your attorney to review.  We are all doing our best with the knowledge we have right now.  TTG wants to help your practice and protect your passion.

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